Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thank You, Aha!

On behalf of the Shepherdstown Community Club (SCC), we want to publicly thank AHA! Arts and Humanities Alliance of Jefferson County for awarding us with a Community Arts Impact Award (CAIA) grant to help the 1st Weekend Handmade Market project get started and gain momentum!  

From Aha!  The "Community Arts Impact Award (CAIA) Program provides operational support for existing and emerging arts and humanities programs and projects at both the organizational and individual level."

The Shepherdstown 1st Weekend Handmade Market will:
  • increase revenue for the SCC by securing space fees from participating artists and crafters.  Revenue from these space fees will help maintain the War Memorial Building (WMB) and Morgan's Grove Park to ensure they are available for community events
  • offer local/regional makers of handcrafted items a dependable venue for sharing, promoting and selling their work locally in safe indoor setting
  • provide an intimate and creative shopping experience for locals and tourists alike
  • increase the exposure of traditional and alternative arts and crafts in the region
  • promote "Shop Local" which is important for the local economy and small businesses
  • promote "Shop Handmade" which is important to local artisans and lovers of true craft
  • create an ongoing presence for the SCC and WMB in local traditional and social media
  • introduce the SCC as a major supporter of the arts so that other organizations may approach the SCC with their art, craft, music, and dance events in mind 
  • create an recurring event in which each show will be anticipated, talked about, shared by, and remembered by all who attend. 
 We are so thrilled to have received this funding for our community arts project.  Thank you, Aha!! 


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